AmacaThera doses First In Human Study to Evaluate, AMT-143, for Non-opioid Treatment of Post-operative Pain

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TORONTO — AmacaThera Inc, a clinical stage biotechnology company specializing in the development of advanced sustained release hydrogel formulations, has dosed its first human subject with AMT-143, the company’s lead asset in non-opioid acute pain management.

AMT-143 is a local slow-release non-opioid local anesthetic that would leverage the AmacaGel platform to provide long-acting post-operative pain relief and is the first therapeutic product formulated to be delivered via AmacaGel, the Company’s patented technology platform.

Previously, the Company had tested the AmacaGel platform without any active pharmaceutical agent. This trial will test the platform combined with a known anesthetic. The study will assess the tolerability, safety, pharmacokinetic and clinical activity of the AmacaGel platform with a known compound that has a long history of safety and efficacy.

If approved, AMT-143 could one day be used to reduce post-operative pain without the need for opioids. AMT-143 would be applied in the incisional site at the time of surgery to control local pain.

A successful outcome will be data demonstrating safety of our asset, and release kinetics showing a sustained release longer than the competitive products,” said Dr. Mike Cooke, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder of AmacaThera, There is a real need for products that provide longer relief than those currently available on the market.”

Dr. Molly Shoichet is the Company’s Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of AmacaThera. The original technology was developed in her laboratory at the University of Toronto. My laboratory has demonstrated compatibility of AmacaGel with a wide range of therapeutics – from cells to biologics,” said Shoichet, With this study, our goal is to provide human data on our technology that will help advance AMT-143 to the clinic. At the same time, we are building out the platform technology so that it can be leveraged for other local-release therapeutics.”

About AmacaThera

AmacaThera is a clinical stage biotechnology company specializing in the development of advanced sustained release hydrogel formulations to solve key therapeutics delivery challenges with both off-patent and proprietary payloads. AmacaThera is focused on developing an internal pipeline of pain management and oncology assets; and partnering to solve key delivery challenges with advanced proprietary therapeutic modalities.

AmacaThera’s platform technology, AmacaGel, is a fast-gelling physical hydrogel blend of two well-established medical-grade polymers. It has been designed to liquify under shear force to be delivered by a conventional syringe, rapidly forming a depot at the injection site as it warms to body temperature. AMT-143, the platform’s lead asset, is a slow-release non-opioid local anesthetic that leverages the AmacaGel platform to provide long-acting post-operative pain relief.

For more information, visit www​.amacathera​.ca

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AmacaThera is a clinical-stage biotechnology company transforming therapeutics to make a difference in patient health. Our unique, injectable hydrogel platform provides localized, sustained drug delivery to improve patient outcomes across multiple therapeutic areas, including post‑surgical pain management, cancer and other hard‑to‑reach target areas.

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