Our Technology

AmacaThera has developed a novel hydrogel to deliver localized therapeutics. Our technology is unique. We've demonstrated GMP manufacturability and are conducting human safety testing

AmacaThera’s proprietary, injectable hydrogel platform can be used with a variety of therapeutics to deliver long-lasting treatment where and when it’s needed most — including underserved therapeutic target areas within the body.

Our localized drug delivery solution can be adapted to multiple applications to improve drug delivery for a myriad of indications. AmacaGel may be combined with small molecules, growth factors, antibodies, stem cells and enzymes. See the publications section for a list of citations.

Based in Groundbreaking,
Innovative Research

AmacaThera was spun out of The Shoichet Lab as a commercial company in 2016, with support from Toronto’s early-stage biotechnology sector.


A Unique Hydrogel Platform

Long-lasting release window

Hydrogels provide a longer release window for therapeutics, allowing for sustained localized delivery of small molecules and/or biologic medications.

Addresses challenging targets

Getting therapeutics where they need to be in the body is a major challenge in drug development. We’re investigating indications for the brain, eyes and other underserved areas.

Strong IP Position

A broad portfolio of issued and filed platform patents providing exclusivity into the mid 2030’s that can be furthered to specific molecules and/or indications.

The AmacaGel Platform

AmacaGel can be applied to a wide range of drugs for clinical applications that require sustained, local drug delivery at a target site. It can be injected directly into a targeted organ or incision site, forming a depot where the therapeutic can be diffused into the required area.

Amaca Gel Glioblastoma tighter v2

AmacaGel Properties

AmacaGel may be combined with small molecules, growth factors, antibodies, stem cells and enzymes. See our list of publications for complete citations.

Simple hydrogel system: Unlike other hydrogels that have cross-linking systems that can have inherent challenges if their manufacturing processes are not controlled, AmacaGel is easy to scale up from a manufacturing perspective.

Approved, known components: The materials used in AmacaGel are already approved in other formulations with extensive testing, making it likely that its combination of materials is proven to work in humans while presenting low risk.

Flexible platform: AmacaGel can be used to deliver therapeutic drugs to different locations in the body through a controlled release that has many benefits to dosing and efficacy.

Convenient dosing: AmacaGel’s shear-thinning property makes the gel amenable to being applied to incisions via a pre-filled syringe, giving surgeons logistical flexibility to incorporate it within their existing procedures and practices.


We’ve developed an opioid-free formulation for the sustained release of an anaesthetic with our AmacaGel platform.

Yellow Needles

“The work out of that lab is truly transformative and she’s a leader in the space. We thought there was an opportunity to build an interesting platform company based on her core technology.”

Peter van der Velden, Man­ag­ing Part­ner - Lumi­ra Ven­tures
Peter Van Der Velden
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AmacaThera is a clinical-stage biotechnology company transforming therapeutics to make a difference in patient health. Our unique, injectable hydrogel platform provides localized, sustained drug delivery to improve patient outcomes across multiple therapeutic areas, including post‑surgical pain management, cancer and other hard‑to‑reach target areas.

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